Intuitive and Spiritual

As an LICSW and spiritual medium, I work intuitively and clinically to provide a spiritual and energetic path to develop and strengthen your self compassion to empower you to heal. Intuitive sessions work at the soul level;  they search deeply and discover information centered around your healing needs. With intuitive guidance, you are not solely responsible for self-discovery. This lessens the burden of work for you. 



Balance of Mind, Body and Spirit

My therapeutic skills are integrated in all work to help you develop a self compassionate way of thinking and living. I incorporate energy healing, oracle and Tarot cards, mindfulness, meditation, and other therapeutic techniques into sessions  to help you achieve a balance of mind, body, and spirit—as one. This blending of clinical expertise with holistic and intuitive guidance has a profound and positive effect on overcoming struggles.



Clinical Expertise

My practice is a synergy of clinical expertise, intuited wisdom, and healing therapies to help others reach a place of self-compassion,  resiliency and joy. Feeling balanced, healthy, and free from your struggles is attainable at A Centered Self.  Come enjoy my serene office space, where there is always relaxing music playing, the aroma of calming essential oils, fresh steeped tea, and a peaceful, welcoming atmosphere. Discover your true resilient self and enjoy a freer and healthier way of thinking and relating to others. Flourish and heal from the struggles of life.



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Insight Timer

"What happens

when people

open their hearts?


they get better.”

Haruki Murakami


"When you do things

from your soul,

you feel a river

moving in you,

a joy.”




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