"I believe whole heartedly we all have the capacity to overcome our struggles, feel healthy and happy. Difficult life experiences can cause damage to our foundation of self-worth and personal power. However, when we alter our mindset to view these experiences as opportunities for personal growth and evolvement, we become empowered and realize our self-worth. With a strong foundation, all other aspects of our lives can grow." 


Like many in the field of social work, I began my career focused on theory and developing my clinical expertise. Over the years, I became dissatisfied with the focus of my profession on strengthening coping skills and medicating rather than overcoming and healing from struggles and traumatic experiences. I realized that by combining my clinical practice with healing, I could better help people overcome their struggles, rather than merely cope. I did this by developing my intuition and becoming a Reiki Master. I founded A Centered Self  to create a place where people can come to release their struggles and heal. 


Although I had experienced spirit at different times in my life, I did not recognize it as psychic mediumship until my abilities truly awakened after completing my Reiki Master/Teacher certification. I had believed the myth that a person must be born a psychic medium and initially resisted this ability for myself. Eventually, I decided to pursue development to strengthen this ability and to come to a deeper understanding of it for myself. 


This changed my life, including my spiritual belief system, my work, and my relationships. I no longer felt satisfied with providing traditional psychotherapy. In my eyes, it fell short of what I was now capable of offering to my clients. As a psychic medium, I have access to wisdom from spirit to help my clients heal from their struggles, and I felt excited to share it. I now use my developed intuition to guide client sessions, accessing that “all knowing” part of us to help others transform into their healthiest selves. My intuitive skills enable me to connect to the heart of clients’ struggles and access guidance on the path to healing. This ability changes the course for clients so we can quickly get to the bottom of the effects of life experiences and areas in need of healing. 


Intuitive work differs from traditional therapy by focusing on revealing the root causes of struggles rather than on self-discovery. Self-discovery can be a long process, while intuitive work provides the information required for healing. My focus is on helping others build a strong foundation of self-worth, personal power, and “centered selves”. 


I work with clients who struggle with many issues, including stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, and managing relationships. My sessions combine my clinical skills, developed intuition, and energy healing/Reiki to help clients achieve a deeper understanding of themselves and transform. 


I also teach many topics, including intuitive development, Reiki certification/mentorship, manifestation and meditation to name a few. I am committed to helping others connect to Reiki and develop their intuition and provide support for them through this life changing process.  Having support to address the many questions that arise and personal evolvement is critical in Reiki mentorship and intuitive development. This is a primary focus of mine with my students. 


Education and Experience


My mediumship development has been with internationally and nationally renowned teachers Mavis Pitilla, Karissa Eve Dorman, Anthony Mrocka, Suzanne Giesemann and John Johnson. I am currently in a year-long mentorship with Mavis and an ongoing mentorship with Karissa. Psychic mediumship development is a life-long process, and my goal is to continuously learn, grow, and advance.


After completing a bachelor’s degree in psychology at SUNY Stony Brook, I received my master’s degree in social work at Adelphi University and have worked in private practice settings as well as medical and psychiatric hospitals. Over 25 years of experience, I have witnessed countless individuals gain the ability to overcome life’s struggles, and I look forward to guiding others through the transformation process.

Degrees, License and Certifications
  • LICSW, MSW, Masters in Social Work, Adlephi University

  • Reiki Master

  • Certified Transformation Life Coach

  • Certified QHHT Hypnotist

  • Certified Soul Entrainment®

  • Principal, A Centered Self, LLC.

​​Tel: 978-494-3763​


2 Elm Square, Suite 314

Andover, MA 01810

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