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Online Video Intuitive Sessions

with Kim Conway

Remote intuitive guidance is available to clients who are at a distance. Intuitive guidance helps clients gain a deeper understanding of themselves and how to use and process this information.  Kim uses a HIPAA compliant service to ensure your privacy.

Online Video Meditations with Reiki Send

with Kim Conway

Join Kim by video conference any Tuesday,         8-8:45pm, EST, for a relaxing guided imagery meditation where she also sends Reiki to participants. Kim also channels a message to the group. Participants will feel relaxed, calm and have the opportunity to develop a meditation practice. 

Online Video Reiki

with Kim Conway

Kim will send distance Reiki to clients while connected with a HiPAA compliant online service to ensure your privacy. Reiki has the ability to be sent to clients in any location. It is not necessary for the client to be in the presence of Kim to receive the benefits of Reiki.

Online Video Intuitive Sessions with Reiki

with Kim Conway

Kim combines intuitive guidance and Reiki energy healing in one session for clients who are at a distance using a HIPAA compliant services to ensure your privacy. The combining of these two services empowers the session's healing.

​​Tel: 978-494-3763​

2 Elm Square, Suite 314

Andover, MA 01810

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